Real Q400 pilots to train simmers

Airline2sim_q400In the press release received from Airline2Sim, we got informed about their upcoming training videos for the Dash 8 Q400, delivered only by download at simMarket (no streaming). In this second, everyones thinks about Majestic popular and advanced simulation for FSX.

This new company intends to make you fly it like a pro, because you will be trained by an actual pilot of the real bird teaching you the systems, flows and hints. Three levels of course will be made : “Cadet” 10h long planned for October 2013, will be followed by the First Officer and Captain’s course.

Those two advanced training products will feature winter operations, icing, decompression, engine, instrument, pressurisation and hydraulic failures, fuel planning, diversions, visual, NDB and CATII approaches, use of the HUD, low visibility operations, raw data flying, crosswind approaches and much more!”. In the future, Airline2Sim wants to make more training products also for Boeing and Airbus advanced addons.

Full unedited press release :

“London-based simulator training provider Airline2Sim has today announced further
details of its unique HD tutorial product for the Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400, taught
by a real Dash 8 Q400 pilot.
“We’ll be releasing the Q400 training in three parts – Cadet, First Officer and Captain.
We want to bring you training that is as close to the real thing as you can get, without
sitting in a classroom for three months. Our Q400 pilot takes you by the hand and
guides you from the first time you step into the flight deck for your cadet training, right
up to showing you how to handle an engine failure on take-off and everything in
between. By the end of this course, you’ll be a Dash 8 pro!
The Cadet training alone is around 10 hours long, with the first 90 minutes consisting of
a comprehensive tour by a real Q400 pilot around the Majestic Q400 flight deck and
its systems. He’ll then move on to a briefing where we learn to set up the aircraft for
flight before departing for an hour of circuit/pattern flying where we’ll get to learn the
auto flight, flap, lighting and pressurisation systems and take-off and land the aircraft
several times. Then you’ll join us as we do a busy multi-sector day in REAL TIME,
departing from the small Isle of Man airport in the Irish Sea to fly a 40 minute leg across
to Birmingham, England for an ILS approach. You’ll see a short and hurried 25 minute
turnaround before we depart to the tiny Guernsey airport in the Channel Islands off
the coast of France for a short-field landing and a Localizer DME approach. After
another busy 25 minute turnaround we then head to busy, highly controlled airspace
at London Gatwick airport, where we encounter a go around and at the same time
an unsafe cargo door warning, before a priority landing. The aircraft is put out of
service at London Gatwick, preventing us getting back to the Isle of Man – just like
real life!
Throughout the whole course, realistic simulated ATC is added to show you how it’s
really done and our Q400 pilot shows you Dash 8 tips, tricks and workarounds from his
many years of operating this quirky turboprop around Europe in all kinds of weather. You’ll learn why not to trust the Q400’s VNAV, how to get down fast when ATC leave
you high, you’ll learn the tricks of a VOR approach, understanding SIDS, STARS and
ATC jargon, acceleration altitudes, real world flows and checklists, ILS tips and hints,
different flap settings and the way they affect the aircraft handling, how to plan a
descent in your head, calculating the top of descent manually, how to get
passengers to sit down quicker when you’re running late on a turnaround, what
REALLY happens when you’re on the ground, the walk-around and learning about the
Q400’s several GOTCHA’s – one of which could get you killed.
The First Officer and Captain’s course will feature winter operations, icing,
decompression, engine, instrument, pressurisation and hydraulic failures, fuel
planning, diversions, visual, NDB and CATII approaches, use of the HUD, low visibility
operations, raw data flying, crosswind approaches and much more!”
The Cadet training will be available for download from Simmarket, TheFlightSim Store
and others* from October 2013 and will be priced at approximately $25. The First
Officer and Captain’s courses will be available for purchase separately and will be
discounted for purchasers of the Cadet course.
Further courses for detailed add-on aircraft, taught by real world Boeing and Airbus
pilots are planned for 2013/14.”

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