Virtual CDU for Android and iOS


Virtual_CDU_Sept_2013Until the end of this year 2013, there should be more tablets sales than personal computers ! If more and more people is getting equipped, it’s not only because of the attractive and simple design. Android and iOS apps catalogues are also very large, and the customers base is enough important to make developers bring new tools for us, the flight sim aficionados.

This virtuous circle allows Virtual Avionics to come back with a solid version of Virtual CDU, a 737 CDU remote for PMDG 737 NGX and/or iFly 737 NG (FSX and FS2004 supported). It just needs a Wifi network.

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Colin Ware

This is a slick little ap. Works flawlessly as advertised. Works in full screen mode and does not leave a grey square like the other ipad cdu.

une très bonne idée !!

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