TS2014 to be released tomorrow

1239741_10151657261583091_58342025_nIf you don’t trust Steam to actually be able to deliver what it says on release day, you’re far from the only ones… However that does mean that if you are a Train Simulator 2013 user, it’s time to start running that backup of all your content before the roll-out of the next version, TS2014, tomorrow.

While there are no “new” routes or locos in the new package – all those now included as default previously being available as DLC – there are a lot of background changes and optimisations – many of which will appeal to those who wish to make content for the package. There’ll almost certainly be a few bugs and teething changes but at least the core functionality update will be free and, for those who have purchased previous versions, (RSC) have provided a number of discount codes for specific routes and loco add-ons. Unfortunately they’re not cumulative (you can only use one per purchase) and are mainly just duplicates for DLC that many users already have. Check your Steam account to find them, or this Facebook post for more information.

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