Voie Bleu’s Charleroi for FSX

116396_ebci9Anyone who has flown with a low cost airline, particularly in Europe, will know that where the airline says you are flying to is not always where you end up… Good examples are London Luton, Frankfurt Hahn and Brussels Charleroi – the latter of which has been produced here by Voie Blue for MS FSX. For Ryanair passengers, this is “Brussels”, but to most it is either “Charleroi Airport” or “Brussels South” and, indeed, it has grown to be the second largest hub in the country.

Surrounded by an aera of photoreal scenery from IGN covering all five FS seasons, with 1500 objects and 3d grass effects amongst other features, this is one that could well be of interest to those who like recreating holiday flights, or perhaps just prefer to stay away from the busier primary airports? See here for more information and to purchase.

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