Quality-Wings Ultimate 146 now complete


Quality Wings team has just announced the Ultimate 146 is complete, installing the older BAe 146 models along the more modern Avro RJ you already have used until now.

Uninstall the package (for full instructions click ‘Read More’ below), and download the new package for use with your actual licence. The BAe 146 loads analogue instrumentation panels, and there’s also the Service Pack 3 fixes like the FMS crash.

Full message copied from Facebook :

“Retro-fans behold! With great pride and pleasure we can finally say that

the Ultimate 146 Collection is complete!

The third and final release stage has finally gone live and brings the full range of BAe146-variants to the Ultimate 146 Collection.

There are striking differences between the BAe146 and the already released, more modern, Avro RJ variants. We suggest you to take a moment to get familiar with the plane by performing the tutorial flight of the Quick Start Guide and to read the autopilot explanation in the manual.

We are surely not exaggerating when we say that this is one of the most comprehensive airplane package available. It is not just the same airplane with different looks. Our BAe146 is equipped with fully analogue instrumentation, a Sperry Autopilot and a Honeywell GNS-XLS Flight Management System. In addition the Thrust Modulation System (TMS) is simulated to a large extend and – although not being an autothrottle system as most of you know it – aids you in managing your engines. In combination, these new features offer an incomparable flying experience.

This is a free extension for existing customers and completes, what we think is the most comprehensive aircraft package currently available. 

The license is cross-compatible. That means existing customers can install the FS9, FSX and P3D versions with one license. 

PLEASE take the time to view the following very important installation instructions to ensure there are no problems!

• Uninstall all of your installed repaints with the QW Dispatcher
• Uninstall the Ultimate 146 Collection V1.2
• Download the product from the Flight1 product page or the links given in this topic
• Run the .exe-file and select: “Click Here to Reinstall” (right click – run as administrator)
• enter your Flight1 Account information
Once validated your installer will be extracted and the installation progress begin.
Successful installation of SP3 can be verified by checking the version number of the Quick Start Manual that opens automatically after installation. It will read V1.3 – October 2013.

SP3 also addresses some items on the Avro RJ, being:
– FMS: Crash due to limited approach procedure names
– Added support for fly-over waypoints
– Overspeed warning sound missing
– Keypress events added (page 306 of user’s manual)


Alternative links:

Most liveries are already available on Non-QWHDT and additional liveries will be release in the coming days and weeks.

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