Vero-FS Portland Vancouver photoreal

Vero-FS_vancouver_SDThere are three distinct products from Vero-FS to cover a large area around Portland and Vancouver :  6100 sq.mi (9800 sq km) of daylight / night time photoreal textures.

The most complete package is the SILVER FSX with the best resolution everywhere in the scenery. In the SILVER SD FSX, “the smaller filesize was achieved by mixing different LOD (level of details) – Rural areas and monutains are compiled at LOD 2 to 13 while cities and towns are compiled at LOD 15.” explains the developer on his website, but it’s the same large area. He also adds that “both SILVER and SILVER SD include super high resolution (30cm/pixel) ground textures for airports and airfields surrounding areas“.

Finally, there’s also a Hard Winter package, also including both day and night textures.

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