SimBrief : free virtual dispatch solution

simbrief_pagesWith just your usual web browser, SimBrief is a online only -and free- tool to produce a PDF or paper briefing package to contain the route waypoints lists and respective data, winds aloft Information, NOTAMs..

It links to other websites like VATaware or RouteFinder so you can find the waypoints to use between your departure and arrival airports. Various dispatch options and route export formats for download are also featured (New : PMDG FMS .rte , and  it already supports Level-D, Airbus X Extended, Ivao/ Ivap, QualityWings, X-Plane, and Wilco Airbus Evo).

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  1. I use simbreif in all my Airline flights now. If you haven’t already bought PFPx or are considering it. Give SimBreif a try. I fly the CS757 mostly and have found the Pref and WX data to be spot on.

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