The 777-200LR in TOPCAT


It’s normal if you feel it’s a long time ago that Flightsimsoft announced TOPCAT support for the 777-200LR. The developers wrote on Facebook “ all relevant Performance data for B777-200LR are now digitized, now working on the implementation into TOPCAT (2-3 weeks, depending on spare time)”.

The Take-off and landing Performance Calculation Tool, currently in version 2.73, gives accurate data ( V1 VR V2 Vref Speeds according to the weather, runway length and ground condition, weight and balance, takeoff power and flaps setting. It’s really like a professional tool with plenty of useful data calculated and compiled to help you for dispatch use or in-flight information on the landing runway needed length, predicted taxiway exit. Can be also integrated in PFPX flight planner, coded by the same developers.

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