Ant’s Trojans add T28B/C variants

120123_image002Today’s other release via simMarket is the latest from Ant’s Airplanes – the B and C variants of the T28 Trojan piston trainer for MS FSX with SP2, Acceleration or Gold.

The B and C variants are the follow-ons to the original 800hp radial powered T28A and were developed for the US Navy – initially as the 1425hp T28B, then later getting a tailhook and a smaller radius prop (to reduce the risk of a prop-strike) carrier-capable T28C.

Ant’s rendition of the aircraft includes three variants of each aircraft – the SOLO aircraft containing only the front cockpit as a VC to preserve performance, the DUAL model front and rear VCs, while the ATTACK model is the same as the SOLO model but with six weapons stations, armament panel and gun sight. Rather than list the rest of the extensive features list here, take a look at the product page to find out more and purchase. There’s also a demo downloadable from the product page, to check performance on your PC.

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