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herkJust a quick note from the team to wish all our readers and visitors a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for an enjoyable festive period.

At the time of writing, NORAD’s Santa Tracker has him passing through the Middle East, so there’s a while to wait before he reaches simFlight’s European HQ… If you want some light reading while you wait, you may want to take a look here at Avialogs, where you’ll find the Official pilot’s and engineers’ notes for both Mk.I and II versions of the sleigh!

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By all means don’t forget the Santa tracker next year when you post this. My son got a kick out of it.

And where were my manners?? Merry Christmas to and to you Ian P :).

Thanks guys. All rude comments about my artwork are both allowed and thoroughly deserved! 🙂

Same to you all! 🙂

And a happy and save 2014

And thank you team for again a great, i love it!

Greetings from the Netherlands

Matthias Postema

Nice picture too :).

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