Stewart, BC, gets a major X-Plane Makeover

CZSTstewart_02It’s unsurprising that the area of Canada around Stewart, British Columbia, has for years been popular with flight sim fans and developers. The airport sits in an area of fantastic scenery, which has now been recreated for X-Plane 10 by beti-x and is available to purchase through their site.

The add-on not only covers the airport – with a 2cm/pixel resolution ground texture – but also the town itself, with every building claimed to have been modelled and hand placed to fit the background texture, which away from the airport is 50cm/pixel. The mesh has also been hand edited to remove anomalies, fit roads, etc. for the full effect. If you’re an X-Plane user, or just interested in what can be achieved, this scenery is well worth a look.

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  1. shame on the person, who voted “awful” with 1 Star, because this is a beautiful scenery (can’t understand such a behaviour … if you don’t like X-Plane, because you love your FSX, or if you system is not fast enough, than it has nothing to do with that scenery)

  2. I wouldn’t worry, Hannes. We’ve picked up a silly person who rates almost every article we post 1* – even if you look behind the ones with almost 5 full stars, you’ll almost always find the obligatory 1* which every article on the front page gets rated with at almost exactly the same time. There used to be two of them, so one obviously got bored already.

    On the other hand, I hate the over-use of superlatives. but even I was struggling to keep them out when talking about this one. 😉

  3. I visited the site to see other screenshot and I must say WOW, this one shot alone doesn’t do this scenery any justice at all.

  4. Holy Cow! It seems that they created the whole town here, not just the airport. I’ve been in Stewart last May and looking at the screenies i recognise the accuracy of their work. The petrol station, the buildings at the main street including the somewhat run-down Marmot Bay and Kate Ryan Buildings and the Edward Hotel. Even Gody Appenzeller’s Grocery Store has the Swiss Flag flying on top of it.
    And the airport is more accurately depicted as it is in the Orbx version, which is, like Bella Coola, not entirely nailed down to exact real world buildings and placements of them (i’m not denouncing Orbx’s scenerymaking quailty here) .
    That scenery raises the quality bar a step higher. I allmost wish that it could be ported over to FSX.

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