NLS A380 – your input requested

1488153_648674605197359_2022136852_nOver on their Facebook page on 30th December, Next Level Simulations announced that they will be continuing development of their A380 project. Today, they have expanded on that by saying that as per earlier statements, they are considering a “basic” initial version, with the possibility of future upgrades to a “pro”, complete, version of the package.

What they are asking, however, is for user input into what users consider to be ‘absolutely essential’ in a basic version of the aircraft. You can find out what people are saying and provide your own input to the conversation by visiting the Next level Simulations Facebook page, here.

0 Responses

  1. This is great news. Together with FSL’s A320 the release I’m looking forward to.

  2. I wonder if the people that voted Awful have visited the developer’s website and looked at the screenshots showing the exterior model of the A380? Then look at the virtual cockpit, with moving copilot. And witness a video of a landing. I’m not an airbus fan but I appreciate a nice job when I see one.

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