Brittany North from FranceVFR

121127_VFRBR1X_020FranceVFR‘s latest adddition to its collection, released recently via their own webstore (French language) and now also available at simMarket (which may help the translation a little!) is version two of their Northern Brittany coverage, the North’West tip of France.

Laid against a backdrop of their usual high-definition photorealistic ground textures, version 2 brings a summer only rendition of the region with a 4.75m mesh, covered over with dense autogen provided by the developers’ 3DAutomation® technology. Notable buildings are also recreated and included, plus water masks, textures and cut-outs are provided for those who prefer to explore the water as well as the skies overhead the scenery. Full details can be found by clicking on the links in the opening paragraph, above.

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