Whether weather radar is possible

It has been probably the oldest discussion among simmers whether we could ever see a fully working and reliable weather radar. Some resolutely say it is not possible due to FSX architecture,  while others say that it is a question of time. Lately we have seen some indications that let us think (hope?) that the latter are probably right. First was Active Sky Next (ASN) by HiFi Technologies, available at SimMarket as a full version or as an upgrade of a previous version. As Simflight has already reported, HiFi is teaming up with the iFly Development Team for a full ASN Radar Integration, displaying accurate radar information directly on the Navigation Display (ND) of their acclaimed B737NG. The iFly 737NG update incorporating this new integration is planned to be released later this month for FSX and P3Dv2 (but not FS9) users.


More recently Aerosoft addressed the same topic and shows in their forum that they are working in a weather radar where its display matches what we see outside the aircraft. This new radar can detect moving fronts, rain intensity, etc., and will work in FSX and P3d with any weather add-on (or even without a weather add-on). Aerosoft plans to integrate this weather radar in their forthcoming A318/A319 and also in their upgraded A320, available in the not too distant future. Let us wait so we can see!


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