Long live freeware

We are all aware that quality freeware addons are becoming scarce.  Yet from time to time there are a few that surface to the enjoyment of the FS community. One of these works is by a FS legend that all simmers (particularly those that are not that young…) know well: Roy Chaffin. Roy (a very skilled professional wildlife painter) has given us in the past many quality contributions, aircraft and panels alike – his website is R.C.S. Panels.


Very recently Roy published in his website a nice freeware package for FS9 and FSX – a Lear 35 based on the singer John Denver real aircraft. There are two different versions, one for FS9/FS2004 and another for FSX, each containing a full package (aircraft, panel and sounds) with two liveries (John Denver´s aircraft and a modification prepared by Roy). Download this Lear 35 at Roy Chaffin’ s website. While there please take your time to peruse through Roy´s wildlife paintings and admire his unique and extraordinary style.

Lear01 Lear02

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