Free Tree Lines and Farms V2 for XP10


The developer Andras Fabian informed us about his latest release: “The freeware / donationware scenery X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms V2 has been released!

The “X-Plane 10 tree lines and farms V2” scenery is the second version of an overlay add-on for X-Plane 10. It tries to add “visual clutter” (tree lines and farms) to the usually relatively dull landscape of agricultural areas and grassy areas. Like in real life, with this add on, tree lines will follow – randomly – many of the roads, railroads, and the coastline of lakes or riverbanks. Every now or then, you will also find farms standing around. All in all, this gives a much more “lively” feel to the default scenery and it is best used together with HD Mesh Scenery V2!

Version 2 covers:
– Europe
– North America (up to 60N)

It is completely heuristically derived from OpenStreetmap (OSM) data, and thus you will NOT find real counterparts of the depicted tree lines and farms (this means, it aims to be plausible but not necessarily 100% realistic!)!

You can find detailed informations and downloads here and of course, there is a large selection of screenshots too: North America and Comparison Shots (Europe + North America)

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