Steve’s DirectX 10 Scenery Fixer


The popular and efficient tool of Steve, DirectX 10 Scenery Fixer has an update version 2.0.

Many new settings have been added in a new interface. Read the update procedure and download it from his blog here.

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    1. Totally wrong. It’s worth every penny! With DX10 in FSX I have double frame rate as in Prepar3D v2.1. And Steve’s SX10 Scenery Fixer corrects most of the DX10 problems in FSX. For me Prepar3D v2 was waste of money.

  1. Technically, both P3Dv1 and v2 are dead ends, because they’re still stuck at 32-bit when since Windows Vista was released, most new PCs were delivered with 64-bit Operating Systems (I was odd… I ran XP64 with a worrying amount of success!)

    So. Should we all be using the only mainstream sim which actually uses all the capabilities of our modern PCs – X-Plane10? 😉

  2. i agree, xp10 is my no.1 sim but i do own fsx and p3d1.4 and p3d2.1 Love them all 🙂

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