ActiveSky Next Hotfix 3 / B5184

Active_Sky_Next_approachHiFi Technologies announced the release, at the end of last week, of Hotfix 3 for ActiveSky Next for FSX, along with B5184 of the open beta for ASN P3D.

The changes implemented include fixes for temporary irregularities, comms problems, plus an installation issue and can be downloaded from the developers’ website here.

For a list of fixes, click “Read more“.

Hotfix 3 (031214):

– Fixed an issue in dll.xml handling for ASConnect installation where dll.xml might have extra <Launch.Addon> line in some cases
– Fixed problem with external radar data which could result in temporary blank/missing imagery
– Fixed problem with aircraft altitude detection in ASConnect where baro pressure could be temporarily incorrect
– Fixed erroneous XGauge distribution in Hotfix 2
– Fixed problem where METARs may become delayed in live/realtime mode related to a clock “overrun”
– Fixed problem where detailed radar/clouds comms may fail to initialize properly and be unavailable during a session

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