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youtubeWe all know this video that is very good on how to master the autopilot of a B737 or that one that is the nirvana of propeller engine control. OK, let’s put all together – a list of really, really good videos (real world or simulated) relevant to our hobby.

Because the list is immense, a cautious approach (no pun intended) is required. Hence only a handful of videos are presented.  Should you have other recommendations, please feel free to add them in the Comments area.

There are a few gurus we should start with. Typically they address a particular airplane, suitable add ons or even hardware and they show thorough videos on how to operate proficiently them.  Here is a short list:

  • Being PMDG B737 NGX probably the most popular FS add on, many are certainly keen to master it. In Skysurfer007´s YouTube channel you find the most comprehensive collection of B737 videos, including a complete flight from Vienna to Innsbruck on IVAO, and failures such as engine fire take-off real procedures, etc.

  • FSXPilot767 channel features a bunch of nice FSX videos covering a wide variety of topics such as a bold landing at St. Barts with the Twin Otter, and a comprehensive series of tutorials on PMDG B737 NGX.

  • Frooglesim’s videos cover a wide range of applications (such as on how to set up EZDOK cameras) for FSX and X-Plane (configuring the views and controls) and useful hardware (for example, a review on Saitek’s new high end HOTAS, the X55 Rhino). For FSX addons, Frooglesim covers the Majestic Q400 (5 videos), Coolsky DC-9, Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (a set of 10 videos on flight planning and flying, including a fully automated approach into Paris Charles De Gaulle airport), Milviz Sabre, etc. It is relevant the collection of videos for PMDG’s B777 (6 videos, including a 3 part flight from KJFK to KDEN), and B737 NGX (11 videos including a Cat III landing –a zero visibility flight from London Gatwick to Rome, a flight from Amsterdam to Innsbruck – includes fuel planning and FMC programming and the use of FSBuild and the TopCat application – and a flight from Gatwick to Amsterdam using FS2Crew).

  • Kyle Rodgers covers a wide variety of FSX topics such as quick tips (autopilot operation, autoland, an overview of the MCP, etc.), cost indexes, offsets, SIDs and STARs, ETOPS, a complete PFPX tutorial, and flight tutorials on the PMDG  B777.

  • The FSX Genius channel presents videos on a flight school (7 videos including a Vatsim tutorial/demonstration and guide to SIDs and STARs). Inevitably this channel also covers a series of tutorials for the PMDG B737 NGX and on add on software, as well as on technical and system tweaks.

  • Matt Davies’ (aka Belinz) tutorials cover topics featuring mostly flights with the PMDG B737 NGX, Aerosoft Airbus and also an “How to” – FSX series, such as how to fly an ILS, how to install EZDOK, etc.

Interesting and useful, ad hoc videos:

  • A series of videos on the Majestic Q400 including the engine start procedure, a shared cockpit flight, etc.

  • Do you own EZDOK camera and want to learn how to use it? This 6-video collection shows you the first steps in setting it up for FSX. Watch this video collection to master EZDOK.

Not-to-miss, beautiful real world videos:

  • If you enjoy watching real world videos pay a visit to Baixadoetravado YouTube channel where you can find beautiful videos shot from A320s cockpit in Brazil. It is a remarkable collection with the exciting moments of the flight, approaches and take-offs, from a variety of airports around Brazil.

     While in this channel don´t miss a video that demonstrates the use of the THRUST LEVERS along with the A/THR system for a FLEX TO in a A319 flight from SBBR to SBTE.

  • Do you want to practice your cross-wind landings? Watch these real world videos shot on Birmingham’s (UK) airport on a windy day last winter.

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  1. By that token, Jaggyroad Films should also be on the list, but most promo videos are specifically designed to sell products and therefore deliberately obfuscate problems, rather than teaching people how to improve their use of an aircraft or the sim which I think is what Edmundo is after for this list.

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