Razbam Metro updated and at simMarket

125611_image002The Fairchild Swearingen SA227-BC Metroliner III, recently released by Razbam, has been updated with a service pack and is now additionally available through resellers, so if you’ve been holding out to get it, you can now pick up your copy at simMarket, rather than just the developer.

To see the contents of the service pack and for purchase links, click “Read More” below.

As announced on the Razbam forums, here, the update includes the following items:

Bug fixes:
1. Reversed Ailerons
2. Torque Gauges tied to No 1 engine
3. DE-ICE Gauge – Note: The gauge only shows a reading when Wing De-Ice is operating otherwise it reads 0.
4. NWS Fail warning light
5. Start Locks animation
6. GPS functions added: Approach/calculator/auxiliary modes
6.1 GPS Compatibility issue with FSX SP2: Recoded. Cannot test if it works with SP2 but the code has changed.
8. Manual Update – Must read to understand how new features (like start locks) work.
9. New Models and textures
10. New “realism” gauge to enable/disable features like start locks and engine overtemp/overtorgue
11. Minor adjustments to the FDE

Plus a few other minor things here and there.

The package comes in three options: FSX, P3Dv2 and a bundle pack containing both versions. Click on your preferred option for more details, pictures and to purchase.

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