SSG 747i updated with Service Pack 2

SSG_B748-I_18SSG‘s Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental for X-Plane 10 has been updated with a new service pack, by the developers.

Version 1.03 (Service Pack 2) brings a large number of changes and improvements, which can be found by clicking “Read More“.

According to this post at the forums, the following change list comprises version 1.03 (SP2):

– If the FMC is not programmed, then there is no warning during TO. Only an alarm if the flaps are not set to 10 or 20.
– Now you can enter an ILS freq at NAV RAD PAGE without destination runway selected
– Commands created for all A/P buttons and many otter controls
– When AP disengaged, the the FD is still working
– LNAV disengage conditions improved

– VNAV improved
– Transitions SID and STAR next Page fixed

– VOR in RTE enter fixed
– Now you can enter a different Gross Weight at APPROACH PAGE to see the estimated Vref. When you go to another PAGE and come back to Approach page, it will appear again
– You can select Vref at the APPROACH PAGE when you want. ND VNAV deviation indicator still remain
– HDG bank no more than 25 degrees
– FD bars indication now working with FD on and A/P disengage.
– Ghost traffic fixed
– ND track lines improved
– NAV RAD PAGE improved with green and blue colors
– NAV radio autonuning  now selects different VOR  stations
– You can enter the Takeoff Speeds with no departure runway selection
– You can create a flight plan with only a departure and arrival airport with one waypoint
– Airport MAP when Range <= 5NM
– Airport MAP only in airport with ILS runways
– If an engine is stopped, the rest don’t thrust to infinite
– At cruise, engines uses N1 as needed
– In PLN Mode, no more empty LEGS PAGE
– MCP and AP custom commands
– APP DME fixed
– Navgraph now supports the FMC
– Air FMC supports the FMC

Issues about the aircraft/cockpit:
– Anti reflex in all displays
– Fuel temp behaviour fixed
– Fuel system don’t stops with low center fuel
– PFD  speed display at low temps fixed
– Improved performance behaviours at high AOA
– Fixed speedbrake ADV logic
– Added EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Payload assistant
– Added EFB fuel load assistant with custom truck object
– Added EFB towing AFT / FWD with custom truck object
– Added EFB normal checklist
– Improved external textures and paints
– Added new liveries
– Fine tune in the TO  and CLB performance

The aircraft can be purchased at X-Plane’org’s store.

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