Flightsim Labs A320 VC

FlightSim Labs A320 VC Prev April 14Andrew Wilson of Fight Sim Labs posted new preview screenshots showing the virtual cockpit of their A3XX Master Series – A320.

According to the developer, their addon is “nearing completion” after 4 years of development.

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  1. Even today, there is no good A320 simulation!
    Anybody with some in depth knowledge or an Airbus FCOM can tell the same.
    Sorry but IMO it’s time for a good and serious simulation.

    RGDS, PC

  2. Covered in layers of dust, I still have the one floppy disk (!) containing Thalion’s 1991 A320 AIrbus. Developed in cooperation with Lufthansa and Deutsche Airbus, it really was a marvellous simulation (for its time)

  3. I still have both the discs and all the manuals for both the US and EU versions on the Commodore Amiga.

    The only problem I remember with it (for its time) was the never ending temptation to just hit enter and go for full auto land! I remember well having to write my own spreadsheets and procedures to make my fuel predictions more accurate though and avoid upsetting the flight debrief guy.

    1. Oh yes, I remember that as well. The autoland feature was indeed very tempting 🙂
      I particularly liked the fact that it didn’t only include a pilot manual, but also high altitude enroute charts of the flight area, lots of airport charts as well as ILS approach charts.

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