Flight Replicas release the “Komet”

16Now available from the developers’ website is the unique little Messerschmitt Me163B “Komet” rocket-powered interceptor, from Flight Replicas.

Used to defend WW2 Germany against Allied bomber streams, the Komet was powered up to altitude on a single-use rocket engine before gliding back down to land – hopefully – on a hull-mounted skid and tail wheel. Needless to say, this wasn’t the safest aircraft in history, but it does make for an interesting one, about which more can be found here. The package also contains an AI Bf110 tug aircraft and a ‘162 aircraft’ AI B-17 bomber group to practice intercepts against.

Of note to our German readers, however, is that this version DOES show historically correct insignia, hence the slightly ambiguous screenshot we have had to select for this article.  The product description, however,  does state “Alternative fin marking textures provided“.

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