iFly 737 with ASN Weather Radar

iflyfsx3As announced in past December, iFly achieved a partnership with HiFi Technologies to integrate Active Sky Next data in their Navigation Display to add a realistic weather radar as new update for the iFly 737 NG.

Just note that it works only for FSX / P3D.

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  1. awesome payware that gets better with every update, haven’t touched the other 737 by you know who in months. IFLY is amazing!

  2. Really @Harry would you recommend the iFly over the PMDG? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts?

      1. I’ve got both (PMDG and iFly) – iFly is uninstalled, due to far more irritations than useful features. Although both are high quality packages, I am not that big a fan of the iFly because of a lot of throttle problems and the fact that I trust PMDG’s autopilot far more than the iFly’s.

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