747-200/300 HD for FSX/P3D from JustFlight

747-200-300-hd_30_ss_l_140320222203The unique shape of a Boeing 747 is one of aviation’s most enduring images and it was the “Classic” -200 and -300 series aircraft which brought affordable long-haul travel to the masses.

CLS released their model for FS9 a number of years ago now, which had “ported” functionality in FSX, but a FSX/P3D native version of the package has now been released as part of Just Flight‘s “F-Lite” range, for pilots who want more than default, but not a study sim.

The new version, which can be found here, is described by the publisher thus:

747-200/300 HD FSX – a new F-Lite 747-200/300 collection for FSX and P3D v1/v2 – is now on sale by Download!

CLS (Commercial Level Simulations) brings you the -200 and -300 versions of the 747 in superb High Definition. This collection features 57 HD liveries on 24 different models which include Passenger and Cargo variants with three engine types and different flight models for each version.

A discounted half price edition is available for FSX users of the 747-200/300 Series F-Lite add-on – only £9.99 / €12.95 / $14.99!

FS2004 buyers haven’t been forgotten – 747-200/300 FS2004 is also available and includes all the liveries from the three add-on packs which were previously on sale for 747-200/300 Series as separate downloads.

747-200/300 HD FSX (£19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99)

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