A New FS Destination for FSX Vietnam

128501_image008Cam Ranh International Airport (VVCR/CXR), on the Vietnamese coast of Kanh Hoa, serves the city of Nha Trang – all places that aviation enthusiasts of a historical mind will know in a very different context than as an International transport hub.

The airport was, indeed, built by the US Armed Forces during the South East Asian conflict as Cam Ranh Bay Air Force Base and was passed to the South Vietnamese Government in 1972, before being captured by the NVA in 1975, following which it was free-leased to the Soviet/Russian Air Force until 2002.

Now resounding to the roar of airliners, rather than Jet Fighters, Flying Bear Studios have recreated the airport with a custom photoreal ground polygon, textures, buildings, lighting and animated ground service vehicles. You can find out more here, and the package is also available to FS2004 pilots, here.

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