New Simulators at simMarket

Discover Fire Fighter 2014 and Spintires Off-road Truck Simulator, both for PC, in the Game & Simulation department of simMarket shop.

The first one lets you live the daily operations of fire fighters with thrilling missions in which you drive the squad engines in city, industrial, rural or forest areas.

Spintires Off-road Truck Sim has been launched thanks to the crowdfunding on Kickstarter platform. Now customers from Austria, Germany or Switzerland (only!) can purchase it at simMarket. Get ready for a realistic off-road experience with massive trucks and other 4×4 or cars modeled by the community. Brake too hard and your wheels may sink in the mud. Block the differential at 100% to get out of it and go your way.

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  1. If you like Steam. That’s where I got my copy from, but I know a lot of people who absolutely will not “lease” their software from a site that completely controls your access to it.

    I understand both the risks and advantages of Steam and choose to use it, others choose not to.More to the point is that increasing numbers of developers/publishers are actively restricting to what countries vendors can supply goods and/or software. That I am not at all happy with.

    Incidentally, I get stuck a lot still in some of the Spintires vehicles… Some are very easy to get out of the mud with. The pickup? Not so much! 😉

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