TropicalSim’s SBRJ now cross-platform

129938_sbrj2014_p3dv2_2The 2014 version of TropicalSim‘s SBRJSantos-Dumont in Rio de Janeiro (SDU/SBRJ) – has been released, now including support for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D, in addition to MS FSX and FS2004.

Each of the versions is compiled using the respective SDK tools, has a photoreal backdrop with autogen, is compatible with both default and add-on meshes, plus it features one of the shortest runways in use by A320/B737 class aircraft. If this sounds of interest, find out more here.

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  1. Just a little correction, BOB. On SDU is allowed only A318/A319, even A320 LIP is not allowed (is able, but not allowed) to operate in SDU. In other hands, B737 and B738 SFP can operate in SDU.

  2. Strange – bellow the “No Comments yet to” this article there is… a comment.

  3. Yeah, there’s something odd going on with the comments. I’ve already ‘commented’ on it to the powers that be.

    Thanks for the correction, Luiz – It appears that my source information is incorrect.

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