Wing Creation – RJFU Nagasaki Preview and Roadmap


Wing Creation the Japanese developer have just posted sneak preview image of new scenery “NAGASAKI” on Twitter today.
they announced their Release Schedule of 2014 and 2015 already.
this Nagasaki Airport would be next their product.

4Q Narita International Airport (RJAA) –   released out already

2Q Fukushima (RJSF) –   released out already
2Q Sendai (RJSS) –   released out already
3Q Nagasaki (RJFU) – next
4Q Niigata (RJSN)

Narita International Airport V2 (RJAA) – they announced that V1 user will have free update right
Mt. Fuji-Shizuoka (RJNS)
Tokyo International Airport. known as Haneda (RJTT) – It may be 2016

one more -Japanese Airport tip-
many tourists said “Japan is  the Vending Machine Country. if you walk 50 meter. you can find next vending machine”.
that’s true.
by the way, left side one is for Ice Cream and center one is for “Pepsi and Suntory”. these are popular.
may be every single Japanese Airports Sky-Decks have vender machines. this is true.
and train stations.

* it was took today by author at train station. same machine.

real airport will come to simulator soon.

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  1. Interesting! Japanese culture exerts a certain fascination. Lots of contrasts, progressive and traditional at the same time. This must be the first simflight post I read that includes real world pictures taken by the writer :).

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