FSUIPC 4.936 released


FSUIPC  newer version 4.936 released!
most important highlight is compatibility of Prepar3D v2.3.

these are release note.

FSUIPC 4.936 changes since 4.92
NOTE that this version works with FSX, and Prepar3D versions 1.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2.10438, and 2.3, but no other P3D versions.

1. This version is suitable for Prepar3D version 2.3.

2. A long-standing bug which can, for some users, crash FSX or P3D during loading, is fixed. Somehow the recent recompilations for P3D made this bug more prevalent. It was so rare before that it wasn’t tracked down.

3. An additional Lua event library function is available: event.offsetmask. This allows a bit mask to be specified to limit the events to only changes in the selected bits. For full details please download the latest Lua package from the Support Forum. [The difference from 4.932 to 4.932a is simply that the value parameter provided to the called function is that after the mask is applied, so it can be tested directly rather than having to use logic.And to apply the mask again]. This new facility is also available in the latestWideClient version (6.999j or later).

4. The Traffic Zapper facility, used as an assignment in FSUIPC or via an offset from an application, crashed P3D 2.x when used. It seems the function called was identical in every respect excepting that in P3D 2.x it handles only one parater — the earlier versions (P3D 1.x and FSX) took two parameters with the second unused. The code calling the function has now been fixed.

5. A problem which may occasionally have caused application display windows to disappear irretrievably is fixed. These types of Window are used by Lua plug-ins and programs such as Radar Contact.

6. A serious problem, which caused Lua plug-in threads started by a generic [Auto] section to be murdered as soon as they were born, is now fixed. Note that this problem would not have occurred when there was also a specific [Auto.<name>] section for the first loaded aircraft, and it did not affect plug-ins loaded by a RunLua entry in the ipcReady.lua plug-in.

7. If a parameter value of -2147483648 (hexadecimal x80000000) is entered when assigning a control to a Key press or Button, it was displayed subsequently as -0 instead. It didn’t mean the value actually used or stored in the INI file was incorrect, but it was misleading. It appears to be due a bug in one of theWindows dialogue functions being used. In this version a work-around, using a text function instead of a numeric function, ensures that the display is correct.

8. A facility to have Profiles separated into one file per profile, to relieve cluttering and large INI files, has been implemented. For details, please see the separate document about this entitled «Profiles in Separate Files».

9. Axis polling speed is improved in this version.

10. When used with P3D version 2, FSUIPC discards the .FLT part of any request to load a flight via offsets, so that the new XML format flight file may be loaded instead.

11. The TCAS traffic tables now have a maximum range of 100km instead of the previous 200km This is to allow for much higher traffic levels without causing a deterioration in performance with SimConnect channels being overloaded.  Similarly the ground vehicles at an airport, which are read for the «DeleteVehicalesForAES» option, are now only read once rather than every second as before. This allows for a higher density of such vehicles without overload.

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