Taxi2Gate : bundles and Hamad FS9


FS9 pilots, you have also now the chance to install a very detailed and realistic rendition of Qatar’s capital airport by Taxi2Gate : Hamad OTHH FS2004. Bundle offer : buy both Hamad FS9 and Orlando FS9 for 23.8€ incl. VAT (20.00€ excl. VAT) each, they must be purchased at once.

For FSX, the bundle offer is a little bit different : buy 3 for 23.8€ incl. VAT (20.00€ excl. VAT) each. Again, the 3 following items must be ordered at the same time : Orlando FSX, Istanbul FSX P3D P3Dv2, and Hamad FSX P3D P3Dv2.

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  1. I’m wondering about the differences between the fs9 and fsx version. Namely the rendition of the cityscape. The screenshots aren’t revealing but I get the feeling that in FS9 the city ground textures weren’t made in great detail (like the fs9 version of Dubai). Can confirm this?

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