Active Sky Next SP1Beta3 B5360 released


HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP1 Open BETA3.

ASN SP1 OPEN BETA3 in order to resolve a few issues some are experiencing, and (re)establish compatibility on various fronts especially with P3D v2.3.

Please be aware this SP1 is BETA3 and some problems are expected. Using a BETA version should be done at your own risk.

if you have used Prepar3D v2.3. this release is only way(or last beta1 and 2) to use Active Sky Next. think about risk by your own.
many things were fixed from Beta2. this is change log.

Beta 2 -> Beta 3 changelog:

– Fixed issue in P3D version where EMT compatibility may not work in legacy mode
– Fixed issue in P3D version where detection of incompatible P3D version may not work, and incompatible installations may result in P3D crash on startup
– Added OTHH to server wx station database (you must reset your weather/data stations with Tools/Edit Station Database to see this change)
– Fixed missing “Enhanced haze simulation” option in settings
– Fixed an issue where wind shear objects might be created for forecast weather (e.g. weather at ETA at destination)
– Fixed an issue where parsing of TAF string might lead to extreme temperatures – Now, temps are also validated to not exceed 60 in any case
– Removed the chance of wind speed induced turbulence above 14000 feet (and gradually decrease from 0–>14000 feet)
– Altered CAT to reduce a bit if above water
– Moved cirrus clouds to 38000+ when cu/cbs exist in the same cell (reduces change of cirrus intersecting with other cloud layers)
– Fixed potential ASN crash during theme build
– Adjusted wind speed influenced CAT only give light turbulence
– Attempted to fix potential “Wx theme could not be loaded” simulator error
– Fixed issue related to ASN/CumulusX interaction where FSX could crash on exit
– Fixed an issue that could result in “Cannot load weather theme” errors in FSX
– Adjusted uninstall process: removal of ASN Path/License related registry keys now done during uninstall if user checks “Delete saved data”
– Fixed issue where manual wx configuration aloft winds adjustments may not properly effect interpolated winds experienced
– Attempted fix to solve potential non-responsive ASN client application during manual wx saves

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