Want to go Lower and Faster?

If you fancy a break from the long-haul of a PMDG 777 across the Pacific, or VATSIM is getting a little stifling, then maybe it’s time to blow of some steam… or at least take a look at Altitude 0: Lower & Faster, available from tomorrow (10/09/14) on Steam‘s “Early Access” program.

According to the developers, Altitude 0 is “…a new take on arcade racing. It’s about risky, reckless air-racing and about improving your skills to become a better pilot. Flying the plane inches above ground will be challenging for beginners and it will take time to master the controls. ‘Burnout racing’ in the Sky were the words used to describe our game and we certainly tried to create something fresh.

Flight rules and safety Precautions? Forget about it!

This game is about risky, reckless air-racing and having fun doing it.”

Key Features:

– extreme low flying just inches above the ground, the lower, the faster

– full plane damage system with very forgiving and silly mechanics

– solo and multiplayer competitions, editor to build your own tracks

– collectable performance parts (boosts, engines, spoilers) and decoration parts (skins, stickers, lights)

To find out more, visit the Steam store page here, or the game website, here.

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