“CPS” Concorde Performance System 3.0


The free tool of Pierre Chassang and Pierre Dolez for FSLabs Concorde X and for SSTSIM Concorde exists now in a new version 3.0.

Aimed at medium to hardcore simmers, their software can help in preflight procedures, fuel calculation and weight balance. And the new V3 has now an airports database updatable via Navigraph, enhanced fuel calculation in subsonic flight phase, an improved layout and more items. Visit Concorde Performance System website.Changelog :

– Fixed “Nearest Airport” search issue.
– Redesigned the whole code.
– Added DOF STD dialog.
– Improved Subsonic fuel calculation
– improved Layout.
– Added Reset flight button to delete actual data.
– Fuel bias for FS9 can be different than FSX one.
– Wrote New CPS Manual.
– Changed Installation steps which are now more easy.
– Airport database is now provided by Navigraph (From cycle 1410).
– Changed export data to Addons routines.
– Changed splash screen (Thanks to Maxime Konareff)
– added Label “May be lowered by AC limitations” Departure page
– Added “Raw” to Rwy MTOW label.
– Added possibility to type Alternate airport instead to only select it in list.
– Corrected Payload issue.
– Improved Balance chart plotting when CG out of range.
– Added English landing form (Thanks to Captain David William Barnett).
– Fixed several minor bugs.
– Temporarily disabling AS, and third party weather engines. (Waiting for data usable by CPS).
– upgraded CPS Manual user Version 1.00 to 1.01

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