Active Sky Next SP1Beta4 B5371 released


HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP1 Open BETA4.

ASN SP1 OPEN BETA4 in order to resolve a few issues some are experiencing, and (re)establish compatibility on various fronts especially with P3D v2.3.

Please be aware this SP1 is BETA4 and some problems are expected. Using a BETA version should be done at your own risk.

if you have used Prepar3D v2.3. this release is only way to use Active Sky Next. think about risk by your own.
many things were fixed from Beta4. this is change log.

Beta 3 -> Beta 4 changelog:

  • Fixed issue with vertical air movement in cloud turbulence
  • Fixed issue with vertical air movement close to the surface (under 500 agl) where strong updrafts/downdrafts might be encountered when turbulence exists, causing excessive floating or the opposite
  • Fixed precipitation block issue when using other add-ons
  • Attempted fix at handling EMT P3D version checking
  • Fixed missing map grab/grabbing cursors for P3D version
  • Removed Custom Haze feature from P3D version as it conflicts/is incompatible with volumetric fog
  • Fixed issue with P3D version where 2.3 problematic managed simconnect module may cause connection issues (now FSX simconnect is used instead as priority simconnect module)
  • Added SEQM to wx station and airport databases (requires reset of wx station/airport databases using tools, edit station database in order to see this change)
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