QualityWings – 737 & 787 Status Update

Thanks to QualityWings, whether you prefer Classic airliners, or the most modern ones, there’s a project to wet your appetite  For this thrid quarter of 2014, the developers team decided to report their latest projects developments to their fans.

As the 787 has advanced well during past summer, we may be able to watch a demo video soon of the displays configurations with CDU Navigation. The VC 3D details and animations, the lights effects, but also systems code and interactions have also seen good progress. As announced earlier, the EFB (Electronic flight bag) is still planned to be included.

On the 737 Classic side, its developers could spend more time on it during the last weeks. They are currently working and achieving to integrate the accurate LNAV/VNAV calculations for the FMC, plus “N1 Tables, Thrust & Drag Tables, Cost Index Tables” so you can make it fly just like the real one performs.

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