Active Sky Next SP1Beta5 B5386 released for Prepar3D v2.4


HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP1 Open BETA5.

ASN SP1 OPEN BETA in order to resolve a few issues some are experiencing, and (re)establish compatibility on various fronts especially with P3D v2.4.

Please be aware this SP1 is BETA and some problems are expected. Using a BETA version should be done at your own risk.

if you have used Prepar3D v2.4. this release is only way to use Active Sky Next. think about risk by your own.
many things were fixed from last Beta. this is change log.

P3D Post Beta 5 Update: Version 2.4 compatibility implemented (v2.4 is required for P3D version).

Beta 4 -> Beta 5 changelog:

– Added both UPDATE and FULL VERSION installer downloads for SP1 Open Beta (for both FSX and P3D versions)
– Added new configurable hotkey for weather request menu (under General options)
– Fixed wrong location for EPLB airport, and added EPLB as wx station
– Fixed issue with radar data not showing up when ND > CDD range
– Made ASN not crash when loading a corrupt saved or downloaded wx file – Now it goes to live mode, or on loading shows a message
– Fixed a problem with corrupting data while saving manual weather to the disk which could cause crash on next ASN startup
– Fixed an issue where light turbulence may persist when the aircraft is on ground causing some aircraft to behave strangely (now turbulence on ground is always prevented, but starts immediately off the ground)
– Fixed an issue where departure airport would not be considered when filtering updrafts and downdrafts (causing excessive vertical air movement)
– Fixed a potential crash when using older archived data
– Adjusted cirrus handling to minimize doubled/mirrored cirrus and other cirrus drawing anomolies in some cases
– Fixed potential crash related to changing user options during initialization
– Added logging/message when any SimConnect variant cannot be properly initialized (indicating missing SimConnect managed client installation)
– Fixed potential issue related to radar data communications that would be triggered by closing/restarting the simulator
– Fixed P3D EMT Legacy Mode compatibility issue – NOTE: ActiveSkyNext=0 must be placed in the MigrationTool.cfg of EMT folder in order to prevent EMT from disabling Active Sky’s ASConnect Module (and causing Ambients error message)


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