Active Sky Next SP1 released


HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP1 today.

this release is official SP1, finally.
in  order to resolve a few issues some are experiencing, and (re)establish compatibility on various fronts especially with Prepar3D v2.4.


  • Higher PerformanceNew cloud depiction techniques, new storm depiction variations, and improved smooth theme reloading brings new levels of performance with reduced cloud-drawing overhead
  • Increase Data Resolution and CoverageEnhanced global gridded weather data synthesis provides new kinds of data and over 10 times the previous resolution, offering much improved realism and coverage for all kinds of conditions in all areas, regardless of availability of METAR reports
  • Improved Oceanic and Sparse-Coverage Weather Accuracy and Variation
    Utilizing the new data resolution and coverage, oceanic and sparse-coverage flights now include realistic weather conditions and cloud coverage that does not rely solely on interpolation
  • New Overcast Pattern FixOvercast stratus cloud layers in FSX are no longer subject to ugly and obvious rectangular patterns during dawn and dusk lighting scenarios when using the new Overcast Pattern Fix, part of the new Visual Fix options
  • Improved cloud-based effects
    A new local cloud detection process greatly improves the synchronization of cloud-based effects including visibility reduction and turbulence
  • New in-sim Weather Request MenuReceive weather updates for local area, flight-plan stations, and winds aloft via an integrated SimConnect text menu that can be used directly within the simulator
  • New Prepar3D-based Enhancements
    ASN for P3D is now compatible with P3D v2.4 and includes additional performance tuning specific to P3D
  • New Dynamic Positional Variation for Sigmets and AirmetsAirmets and Sigmets are now fully dynamic and provide variable conditions simulation for turbulence and icing in addition to convective activity
  • Improved Stability
    New installation and configuration routines provide a smoother user experience
  • Dozens of additional features, enhancements and fixes
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