Wing Creation – RJFU Nagasaki new screen shot


Wing Creation the Japanese developer have just posted new images of “NAGASAKI” on facebook and Twitter today.

do you remember the last news?
National Sports Festival 2014 at Nagasaki have started 2 days ago.
Japanese Emperor and Empress were in opening event as special guests.

first of all.  these images are interesting. they compare with real world and their product .

rjfu0102 rjfu0103 rjfu0104 rjfu0105 rjfu0106

and other images of their product.
rjfu0107rjfu0114 rjfu0108 rjfu0109 rjfu0110 rjfu0111 rjfu0112 rjfu0113

latest Nagasaki Airport will come soon!
*from their twitter, they said they will release on November…….?

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