Flight1/iFly – new 747-400 V2 video and flight report


Thanks to the author of FSiPanel, you can watch the above video of the 747-400 V2 in action, while this is a work-in-progress version.

There’s also a Beta team member that published a complete and detailed flight report between London and Dubai using the  in-development Jumbo by iFly.

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  1. £30 – £40 versus £300+?

    There’s a massive difference between any FS add-on and PSX. It’s not like comparing FSX and P3D, where the only really significant difference is the license you agree to. PSX is an entirely different world altogether from the iFly product.

    Wonder if users of the iFly product will have to divert flights to the nearest capable airport, because the aft cargo bay fire sensor fails a test cycle half way across the Atlantic? That’s one of the errors Aerowinx 747PS1 threw at us and I have no reason to believe that PSX wouldn’t throw it at us too!

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