Another TS2015 release, plus patch news

ss_942c1439d91e126dd0afb35338130fbfb47a190d.1920x1080The sleek lines of the DB BR605 “ICE TD” are the latest release for Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator 2015, Germany’s latest inter-city diesel multiple unit joining no fewer than three of its predecessors in the collection.

Also, on their Facebook page, Dovetail have announced that next week, they will release a TS2015 for open beta testing by existing customers. The details of the beta patch can be found by clicking on “Read more” below.

Text posted to Facebook by Dovetail Games Train Simulator team:

“Next week we will be releasing an update for Train Simulator 2015 into open beta. The open beta will run for a week and allow players to provide feedback about the update before it is released. You will need to own Train Simulator 2015 to take part. We will provide full details next week of how you can join the beta.

The update contains the following changes:

FIXED: Task list on the 2D map not updating in real time
FIXED: Whistle boards activating in the wrong direction
FIXED: Inability to edit secondary speed limits
FIXED: The ability to raise and lower the Google Maps overlay in the World Editor
FIXED: Inability to finalise Workshop content
Added additional localisation support for video
Added support for TrackIR hardware
Improved performance and stability when using the Google Maps overlay in the World Editor
Added new system for character movement*

*The new character movement system will prevent characters from walking off of platforms and will generally smooth out character movements. Players may still witness characters acting in an undesirable way at certain stations. This is because we will need to specifically update the spawn points on certain routes in order to fully implement the new system. We plan to do this on a route by route basis in the future.

We will also be releasing a range of developer documentation for using the World Editor. This is advanced technical information aimed at people wishing to create third party content, however advanced editor users may also find this information of use.”

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