simMarket releases in brief

simmarket-logo-2014Today’s release information covers a bit of a catch-up, so you may already have seen some of these. If not, however, then hopefully there’ll be something of interest in there.

German rail simulation fans have two new “extra time” packs from Halycon Media to choose from: Scenario Pack volume 2 and a volume 2 plus, which includes scenarios including different rolling stock. be advised though, that the packs are German language only.

Switching to flight simulation and specifically FSX, Rolling Cumulus Software would like you to join them in flying around Vanuatu – The Island Nation, although AFS Design‘s Concept Gyrocopter might not be appropriate for the job, who knows? It might be more use to explore the night lighting of South Africa and Lesotho, released by Taburet, which is also compatible with P3D.

To round off, the “Deal of the Day” is back, with 41% off Richer Simulations Caribsky Grenada X for FSX. It’s not for a day, though, but rather until Valentine’s Day – 14th February 2015.

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