VfrFlight: Free VFR Flight Planner

If you are looking for a nice, useful, inexpensive and user-friendly VFR flight planner, this is for you: VfrFlight, a free VFR Flight Planner developed by the talented and real world private pilot Łukasz Kulasek.

VRFFP_2The impressive list of features of VfrFlight includes  an easy to understand and intuitive interface,  7 types of maps (including a satellite one), a comprehensive database, data import from FSX/P3D and real-time connection to each simulator via SimConnect, quick and easy route entry with ICAO codes and city names, minimum safe altitudes (i.e.,  maximum terrain elevation in given area + 1000 feet, available for entire globe), a search function for weather reports en route or at given place in the map, route import/export from/to Google Earth, MS FSX, and Prepar3D, etc.

Don’t miss also at Łukasz’s website the instructive 5 part-video with a VFR navigation tutorial in FSX.

Thanks Łukasz!



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