DCS World update and MiG-15bis


February’s newsletter for DCS World users comes with news of an update to version 1.2.15, plus the release of the DCS: MiG-15bis module for the combat “study-sim”.

Also included is news that DCS World 2 is “nearing a point where [it] will be available for a public, alpha release”, as well as progress on the Nevada training/test map, previews of upcoming P-47D and Spitfire Mk.IX modules, and news that they are “ironing out bugs” to allow the VEAO Simulations Hawk to be sold through DCS channels. Immediately available, though, the MiG-15bis can be purchased from the DCS online store. version 1.2.15 can be downloaded either through the internal automatic updater, or manually. Find out more by clicking here to visit DCS World.

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