Airlinesim updated, new world added


Airlinesim, the web-based airline management game by simulogics, has been updated to version 6.2, including adding a new game world named “Riem

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Full press release text:

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AirlineSim, a complex browser-based airline management game, got bumped to version 6.2 today. The most important new feature of the release is the all-new interface, complete with a retro look-and-feel reminiscent of legacy IT systems that are all too common in real-life aviation. Besides the new visuals, the new UI now offers proper support for mobile devices and introduces numerous usability improvements throughout all parts of the game. According to the developers, the change in looks coincides with a change in philosophy: with the claim to be ‘the only airline simulation of its kind’, the current and future developments will take the project on a path of more realism, geared towards fans of challenging business simulation and aviation games.

Disruptive upgrades like this are common in the long history of the project. After more than 13 years since the first version went online, constant and sometimes major redesigns are what keeps the loyal player-base coming back to the game. This is even more interesting given the fact that AirlineSim is a pay-2-play game, something that has been out of fashion in the indie- and online-game scene for quite some time now.

And yet, there is a demand for this kind of product: today’s release also marks the launch of a new game world, providing space for another 1200 players that want to build an airline “on the green field”. So no matter whether you get stoked about a game that features an “Inventory System” or you have no clue what this means and you want to find out, give AirlineSim a try.

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