KBLU – Blue Canyon Plus Two!


You don’t only get the nominal Blue Canyon-Nyack (KBLU) airfield in the latest release from Orbx, the package also includes the nearby strips at Gansner Field (2O1) and Limberlost Ranch (CA21), to give you a little scope to explore. Full details, including the off-airport scenery and mesh coverage, can be found here.

Whichever areas or sceneries from the Orbx line-up you use, you’ll probably need to download and install their latest object library files, released a few days ago.

Apart from any new files that they contain to support new sceneries, the library files use the new FTX Central V2. Like all Orb add-ons, it’s worth regularly checking the forum release threads here for new patches and then downloading them from the support pages, here.

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