More WiP shots of classy classic VC!

hyd1It’s not really fair on developer Jan Visser, to crop his hard work down as hard as we have above, but if you want to see the full images of his work in progress VC upgrade for the Manfred Jahn freeware DC-3/C-47 package for FSX, you’ll have to visit all 42 and counting pages of the preview thread, here, at Sim-Outhouse.

As the post count now stretches well past 1000 and is still going, you’ll need to set aside some time and hunt around a little for all the previews (and then wipe your drool off the keyboard a few times, quite possibly), but the latest are fairly easy to find, near the bottom of page 41… As someone on the forum says – there’s a lot of payware that this stuff leaves standing. 🙂


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