Aerowinx PSX 747 video – Landing with all engines out


Released last year, the highly acclaimed simulator of Boeing 747-400 on desktop computer, Aerowinx PSX, demonstrates once again its fantastic possibilities of failures tests to challenge your pilot skills.

Without surprise, the customer review at simMarket rates 5 stars this masterpiece.

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  1. A truly remarkable simulator, and a Masterpiece, just as PS1 was for it’s time when released.

    The closest we can get to a 744, in a PC, or even closer if we use it’s ready made features to build a fancy real size 744 cockpit, or simply use multiple computers / displays for different views, including external view using FSX, X-Plane 10 or Perpar3D.

    1. I saw this a few days ago. Really tempted to save up for it. I had a look at the manual and it looks fantastic.

      1. I am presently using it standalone or with FSX:SE for the visuals, but I am considering P3Dv2 as well, although that would require an hardware update 🙂 or a 2nd PC dedicated to P3Dv2

        But XView is yet another way to use an external visuals generator, in that case X-Plane 10, for those who prefer that one …

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