Project 79 – Abha X v1.2 Update Released!


Project 79 Has pushed their v1.2 update to simMarket including a whole lot of updates. Initially v1.1 was a rework in some aspects and now you will see even more changes. Some of the new things within the update are; improved and remodeled Taxi Light, Grass & Tower textures, New light positions, a new GSX Optimised AFCAD along with Full DX10 Compatibility and now FSX/FSX Steam/P3D v2 support along with much more. If you haven’t already got it then you can purchase it for 25% off at simMarket and if you own the FSX Version then you can upgrade to the P3D version €10 or get them both at the same time for €27 (FSX/FSX:Steam) (P3D v2)

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