GSX v1.9.10 Full Installer Update Released


The guys at FSDT released another new GSX update today and, since they are very close to consider Couatl 3 to be out of Beta, they have updated the GSX Full Installer too, so you can test the very latest version with a single installation, which includes the latest GSX with all the latest vehicles, and the latest Couatl 3 included. Some menu structures have changed in the new update. In addition to that, the airplane config editor and the scenery config editor will automatically disable your joystick before starting. This caused a problem with the airplane slewing away very fast, if the null zone wasn’t set correctly, which is now fixed. The joystick will be re-enabled automatically when exiting the editors, a new Pushback truck model is available, thus being the TMX-150, several new liveries that were added only to the separate vehicle installers are now included by default, in addition to that many bugfixes in the FollowMe car logic has been resolved! To get the installer download it from the link provided. If you haven’t already purchased it, Grab it from simMarket.

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